being the birkens

when i started becoming really interested in fashion, my newfound interest manifested itself primarily through trends -- the fleeting markers of popular culture. as i've developed my knowledge, eye and personal style, it's really called into question the difference between fashion and style, and i think that often, my quest to be "fashionable" has thwarted the development of owning my personal style. personal style culls from fashion and trends, obviously, but it should transcend fashion, i believe. personal style should last forever, while fashion is constantly changing.

i found these photos of the birkin family summering on discotheque confusion, and they really called out to me as this exquisite definition of style and grace and fashion as a lifestyle, completely unaffected in every possible way.

discotheque confusion

the best kind of confidence, style, personal allure is one that is inherent, effortless. they are grace, personified.


  1. Love them!!! Jane, Charlotte, and Lou...of course Serge as well...let me know if you ever want to hear any of his music...he's a french stud!

  2. Love this!!! Inherent personal style that transcends fashion. Nicely put, Miss Sassafras!

  3. yes to the music please!!! kiki, you know my ipod is a sad sad story. burn and share the love.

    do i smell a birkins theme party this summer...?

  4. awww, thanks b/a! i bought some shoes yesterday that look very similar to the ftroupe jazzies...LOVE them.

    xoxoxoxoxoxo :)