awkward divinity

i love the royal tenenbaums. i love them as people, as functioning non-functional individuals, as character studies, style icons...everything, really. it's one of those films that i could have on all the time, and would be perfectly content with it being the soundtrack of my home life. ultimately, i adore how imperfect and awkward they all are.

this editorial in hint magazine, shot by louis park, reminds me of the tenenbaum family in the most brilliant, styled up way imaginable.

i LOVE the burberry necklace in the second photo. i think this editorial is so beautifully and creatively styled. it's one of those things that gives you your fashion fix instantaneously. i love the dulled expressions, the model's postures, and the overall contemporary victorian feel of it all. the harem-y pants the men are wearing in the first shot are divine. ann kim was the art director for this one...i'll have to look her up and see what else she's worked on, because this is just superb.

hint magazine


  1. omg...that is some awesome styling

  2. seriously...it's ridiculous. i am in LOVE with this editorial.