new love: gail sorronda

she was recently featured on the sartorialist, and then on susie bubble's blog, and i have fallen utterly in love with gail sorronda. i've been looking at her collections, and i'm pretty sure she designs for me, and only me.

the fact that she doesn't know me is not a big deal.

the flirtiness, the whimsicality, the mixing of textures and shapes, and its glorious raven palate combine to create a collection and point of view that is so inspired, so different and so utterly chic it kills. i would give up my right to have children to own her entire collection, as i am confident that i would feel so perfectly fabulous everyday, that nothing else would really matter. this short, yet poetic interview with ms sorronda is filled with ethereal descriptions of her point-of-view and musings about her designs.

"Gail Sorronda is an emotive label on a non-linear path. It’s a voyeuristic alter-ego sometimes echoing other times deflecting."

"‘Invasive exotics’ was inspired by a foreign environment. A ritual like exotic birds dancing. The rare and dominant species are introduced in an awkward embrace. The love spreads and takes over like an invasive exotic."

i'll also say, that after scott schuman posted images from a trip to australia, and seeing that gail made her start at australia's fashion week...i'm developing a serious love for australian fash. i feel like there must be something about the down under lifestyle that inspires some serious insousciance and a terribly fun, lighthearted perspective for everything. i'd never thought much about it before, but i'd really like to visit. or at least hope that scott schuman visits again soon.

these images are from her spring/summer 10 collection, "invasive exotics."

oh, and gail also has a blog...fall in love with her, too. we can share.


  1. i agree with you. These are all for you. Except the third dress, that's for me.

  2. that can totally be you. you buy it, and then i'll steal it. don't be mad...good closets are meant to be shared.