continuing love: gail sorronda

so i just posted about gail knowing completely that i would follow up with a retrospective-esque post of my favorite designs from her previous collections.

the styling, the photography, all of the different shapes she utilizes...i just dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for all of it. i love it i love her i love it.

autumn/winter 06 -- "the velvet hour"

s/s 07 -- "riders on the storm"

i love how the model is positioned like a mannequin, but yet she's also "riding" a mannequin's platform like a surfer would ride waves. can't you feel the wind blowing through the photos?

s/s 08 -- "bird of prey"

the hair...OH, the hair. and the proportions of the clothing. what a beautiful, delicious visionary.

s/s 09 -- "seventeen crushes crushed into one"

the set for this shoot is spectacular. it's like, back alley surburbia.

f/w 09 -- "ha ha battles"

ms. sorronda, the wonder herself:
like, normal people don't look like that, right? she's too stunning for words.

sigh. i feel revitalized, folks. it's been a hard week and a half, hence my lack of blogging. and in the interim, i've been looking for things that are seriously inspiring. fabulous fashion photos crop up everyday...it's necessary and expected. but after looking through gail's lookbooks, i feel like i've gotten the fix i've been desperately looking for.

good times are on the horizon...summer is here! i've already enjoyed many glasses of wine on outdoor patios, and i'm looking forward to shopping, rollerblading the lake shore path, and tomorrow's beach day. jack and i praised the gloriousness of summer this afternoon as we sunbathed on an outdoor patio at chipotle (after consuming the best veggie burrito bowls either of us had ever had). i'm really excited about the switch of seasons. goodness is everywhere, but it's all what you make of it.

xoxo...here's hoping there's lots of sun in your upcoming days (except for you barbsy baby...you wear that sun hat).


  1. i will! i will! i always do. xxo B

    p.s. you SHOULD buy a fedora...$$$$

  2. i wish hazel still had that gun one!

    we would both look delectable in fedoras.