an olsens fix and musings of my own

i'm going to florida with the fam in mid-june (can't wait can't wait, need need need vacation) and i'm pretty sure that i'm going to dress like the olsens for my flight there. i might even spring for a fedora.

it's really intriguing to observe individuals who present an aire of mystery or elusiveness. one day i went to the bank with my typical oversized sunglasses and all black ensemb to deposit some cash dollas. when i got up to the teller she asked, "are you a celebrity?" i said no. but i'm deeply regretful of my decision now.

my dear friend molly (who lives in a different state) and i love exchanging long emails regaling each other with stories of the oddities that occur within our daily lives. we both always disclose that our lives aren't as interesting as we make them sound, but we decided the other day that if you discuss and approach your life as if it is completely spectacular, like every moment is one of the funniest, most fabulous, most exciting things that's ever happened...then who's to say it's not? that, and "everything's relative" are two philosophies i try to consistently impart into my daily life.

i wish i was actually flying with my family, because then i'd make my sister stomp through o'hare dressed like this with me.

i hadn't seen this shoot yet, but i loooooooooooooooove. her hair looks insane...neither of them have to do much to be interesting on camera. so intoxicating those little minxes are.

and, one last final photo. just to complete the fix (i hope you got yours as much as i got mine).

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