nudie la mer

so here's the paris vogue editorial, featuring a nude lara stone, that garnered so much controversy. i like how they balance the concept of the nudity with the softness of a "by the water" setting. i LOVE the bathing suit shot...the suit is amazing, paired with the boots and her pose.

i really like her body, and how very natural she seems...her presence reminds me of jessica stam, in that it just seems to exist, without imposition.

overall, i like the shoot. i wish people would stop worrying so much about nudity...blah blah blah, it's an age old argument for artists, but COME on. paris vogue has indulged in far more risque editorial faire than this. i mean, let's talk about when helmut newton was a contributing photographer...

i'll be posting some more editorials. they're what i'm finding most inspirational right now. i'm also watching america's next top model reruns and thinking about what it shame it is that these poor girls have no clue that they'll never have the career they want...or that they haven't been able to properly gauge for themselves the show's success level in model placement. i mean, it is the 12th "cycle," after all.

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