paris vogue, a la stone

i think this shoot is ABsolutely stunning. the detail is just unreal, and the versatility of the look and hairstyles is wonderful to look at. the lighting, which is what i find to be one of the most seductive qualities of an editorial, is beautifully evocative.

i really love editorials that feature one model...i think it helps, in part, to getting to know them, and to seeing how well they can work the camera, and different looks. she has so much personality! and i love the gap in her teeth.

seriously...looking at paris vogue always makes me angry with what has happened to us vogue. this shoot is so FUN! and it's different...it has personality, and a point of view, and it hits it on the mark gloriously. here's a beautiful european model brilliantly embodying the kitsch and glamour and energy of broadway.

i think lara looks stunning and completely different from either of the other two editorials in which she's featured. how fun! what a joy to look at.

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