serious fash

Some serious fashion magic happened this weekend...the best photographer in the world + amazing models + creative women who love styling + ridiculous make up = twentythirtyforty.net maaaaaaaaaagic.

I just adored the styling for our item shots, it was definitely my favorite crop of outfits to date. I don't have many pictures because my camera died, so you'll have to wait for those to be posted on the site. And our editorial was just amazing...shot at the Lillstreet Art Center, it was this sensational urban playground of exposed architecture, art, studios, and so much creative inspiration.

We were thrilled...and the fashion and creativity thrived.

our lovely photographer, dane; makeup artist, lisa; and model, michelle...they're a darling, and insanely talented bunch

all the behind-the-scenes artists

holly, our delightful item shot model


  1. Sooooo much fun!!! Thanks for all of your fab energy and creativity. Let's do this every day!!! And, OMG, that HAIR!!

  2. the three of us would be living on some sartorially blinged out cloud nine if we could have saturday and sunday everyday...

    for our "chic ladies in the office" photo, i think we should get lisa to do ALL of our hair that way, and then we can all take turns shoving our feet in to the mable skins...oh, joy!!!

    MWAH, my dearest loves!