cabernet, bruce willis, and some sexy sexy fashion

aggggh, i've been SO damn busy, i haven't even had time to check out all the met gala photos, let alone do my daily blogging...isn't that terrible? keeping up with the fash is time consuming work, let me tell you. sigh, if only the 24/7 fashion bubble world i dream of could become a reality...

LOVE this site: wildfox -- they feature stunning photography, and i feel like everything they post makes life look like so much fun. they posted a fabulous editorial today that i just adore.

beware: as i sit here, enjoying a glass of cabernet and die hard 2 (i have a terribly ridiculous, unrelenting love for action movies. especially those involving the nypd...this also pretty much encompasses all bruce willis movies), waiting to meet up with a friend for martinis, i may just start streaming posts of things i find delectable. it's been three days and i'm going through withdrawl. plus, it's my blog, i do what i want.

xoxo, bitchesssssss

^ my favorite!

the tights in every outfit are to DIE for. i love the retro feel...the make-up, hair, perfect model, the clothes...it's beautiful to look at. topping it off, the editorial's name is so fucking adorable...i love it.

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