the stam

say what you want...i loves me some jessica stam. luscious model goddess that she is.

i died for her in this marc jacobs dress last fall...ahhhhhhhhh

i also really loved this armani campaign last fall...the wigs reminded me of ysl fall 08

this dior campaign from 2007 was insane.

when i had long hair, this was basically my go-to style. i'm eternally looking for ways to make my hair bigger and taller and all things voluminous.

she is so versatile...it's insane. i love her signature model face...i just think she's perfect.


  1. Stam in Dolce and Gabbana is pretty much my favorite thing. I mean, I'm just saying...I love her too.

  2. haha, so nice, i love the second picture. you have a nice blog.
    xoxo. I follow you