beige and blue

i found this blog this evening, and was really taken with its most recent post. "one perfect morning" is based in australia, and posted this lovely photo shoot that she shot with here friend, ana.

her introduction to the post was what really struck me: "I have had a lot of free time lately. Even though it involves living on a tight budget, it has had its advantages: I finally got to work on things I had been willing to work on for ages, but never got around to. This blog is one thing. Styling a photo shoot with my friend ana behind the lens was another."

as someone who's reentering the dredges of a student budget (which i say like the state of my budget ever increased during my year between undergrad and grad school), i couldn't relate more to the need and desire to spend your time creatively and enjoyably, inspiringly so, while trying to conserve limited funds. not to mention the complete satisfaction in having the time to blog, and blog continuously.

so when i look at what they've done, i'm so inspired by it. there's so much vulnerability in having your friend behind the lens, and for them to style ana so intimately, braless, pale make-up, photographed from all different angles, while remaining very direct and close up. there's a lot of trust between the two women, and it shows. the amazing "girl with a pearl earring" styling inspiration (whether intended or not)is stunning as well.

i really love creating with my friends. and although many impromptu photo shoots have commenced, there's an intoxicating sense of elegance and honesty, while remaining completely unassuming, achieved by the blogger and ana in "beige and blue."


  1. magnificent. i'd put on a nude tank, braless, for you anytime.