ysl fall campaign!

i like the campaign, and i think it aligns with the aesthetic of what have been ysl's fall collections for the past couple of years, so i think it makes sense. it's clean, its chic, they've been hearkening back to the old school supermodels, and, for all intents and purposes, i think it's a lovely campaign

but then i see this, and my heart yearns for something just a bit more conceptual...

or i could just be a sucker for alien women in pink fur coats with balmain-inspired shoulders.


  1. I think this is just the diff. between YSL and D & G. Those coats scare me. However, I love the framed bootie of the YSL.

  2. it is, and you're right. i just have such a deep love for the avant garde. that framed bootie IS to die for. all ysl shoes are perfection.

    and the coats shouldn't scare you, you love fur. there are pounds and pounds of it in our closet.