blogger love!

i love my dear, wonderful brandon and arlene at twentythirtforty.net. not only are they the most stylish women i know, but they're fabulous, fabulous people, in every sense of the word.

not surprisingly, i'm not the only one who finds their stylish impulses to be completely unstoppable, as they've been asked to write a fashion blog for Chicago NOW, a new site comprised of different blogs written about different topics (art, music, food, free things, crafts, etc) relating to the chicago social/culture scene. their blog, Styled in Chicago, is awesome, and you should totally check it out.

that's arlene at the top (who's really going to kill me for this), brandon in the middle, and me at the bottom, taken when brandon and i did our own ridiculous street style photography during dinner on monday (you can just imagine how much everyone sitting outside loved us). aren't they a delight? such wonderful summer fashion.

hope you're out enjoying the phenomenal weather (if it's anything like chicago where you are)...i'm off to rollerblade along the lake, and then i'm going to inaugurate my first foray into rollerblading-as-transportation with a trip to trader joes. we'll see how it goes...


  1. You are too, too sweet, my dear Amanda. We heart you more than you could possibly know. Twentythirtyforty.net would not be the same without you!! And thanks for the Styled in Chicago plug -- you're totally awesome!!

  2. Love this "outting" of your Twentythirtyforty lades. Totes Beauts...I can't wait to do our own little photo shoot. A little about the apartment bit...what should we where...Let's plan an editorial!

  3. perhaps something that features the mag library?