ardent hypocrisy / resort part tres

yes...there's more.

proenza schouler: i am a die hard fan of everything they do. they're the epitome of cool, however lame that sounds. so stylish and so confident are their designs, i really have a deep respect for everything they do. love those boys, love their fabulous fabulous clothing.

givenchy: i LOVE this. i love it, i love it. the whole collection is so grecian, so ornate, yet with a really masculine edge. there's nothing dainty or elegant about the footwear choice, and although the draping is beautiful, some of the pieces were paired with really structured blazers, offsetting the usual elegance and flow of the grecian influence. i think the whole collection is really well thought out, and impeccably styled.

burberry prorsum: i fall more in love with burberry every season. this collection is so haunting, so "i'm a dead person in an old fashion photograph," and so fucking chic, i can't stand it. those shooooooes with the socks, and the rolled pants, and putting men and women together like they're a creepy, uber-stylish brother/sister pair...the aesthetic of the entire thing is magnificent, so androgynous. i think androgyny is one of the sexiest things in the whole world.

okay, i'm done posting/discussing resort now, i promise.

thanks for listening, i feel so much better now.


  1. Love Burberry no.1 and Proenza Schouler no.2 and 3. I die. Burberry though really. Totes cool.

  2. doesn't burberry kill you? i was reading on style.com about the hazy aesthetic of the photography, and seriously...burberry, you did good. you did real good.