ardent hypocrisy / resort part deux

i'm a terrible shit of hypocrite. luckily this is my blog, and i can do what i want.

i have been perusing, daily, my veritable scroll of fashion blogs, looking for something that is inspiring...and not that there isn't a wealth of brilliance being parlayed to and fro in the blogging world right now, i'm just tired of searching for something to inspire me. i was thinking about this yesterday evening (pre-yslgasm) and was a little weirded out by, not my lack of interest in blogging, because i adore blogging and sassafras wholeheartedly, but by my complete and utter inability to be inspired by what i was finding. or not finding, rather. i then realized, i'd been searching so hard to see what everyone else was posting, which images were floating around, that i'd made an egregious lapse in keeping up with the foundation of it all. recently, i've not been reading my magazines much, and had hardly perused the resort collections...i had been keeping up with cheeky trends and quick fix info, but not with what i really fell in love with in the first place. the designers, their 3 collection/year perpetuation of fashion, my magazines, the grandeur of the industry. once i made that realization and went back to the basics, i breathed a sigh of relief, and instantly felt revitalized...it was exactly what i had been looking for.

this entire existential rant is part explanation, part apology for reneging on what i so aggressively stated in my previous post i would not do: post resort. i shan't go crazy...just a few of my favorite looks. despite this post's every parallel to the cliche fashion blogger, i do hope you enjoy.

mama's going back to the basics today. it is, after all, always important to remember where you came from.

sonia rykiel: ohmygod. if anything says summer...it's this collection. abso-freaking-lutely adorable, and it was incredibly difficult to only post 4 looks. you must check out the entire collection immediately. the shoes are unbelievable, and i LOVE the colors and respective color combinations. so much slouch, and so totally everything i'd want to live in all summer song.

chanel: i absolutely ADORE karl lagerfeld's annual approach to resort. he always chooses (or fabricates) an unbelievable location which instantly evokes travel and summer and all things resort-like. and i mean, he created 78 looks...seriously? those boots, the jewels, the 20s inspired hair-dos, the sun glasses on a stick...he makes resort so much fun, and it should be. summer inspires fun, once-a-year type activities more than any other season. we should all be dressed just as joyfully.

marc jacobs: i love his marriage of ethnic prints and proportions with the schmaltz of '80s gold and prints. there's so much character and humor infused into this collection. and those shoes...a big old wedge kills me everytime.

**edit: i'm getting such a kick out of this, a third post will follow. i am thinking of you guys here...at least i'm trying to break up the madness that is my mind right now.


  1. Marc F-ing Jacobs, gets me every time. This fash is beauts. Also love the last Sonia Rykiel jumpsuit.

  2. you are a kiks after my own heart...you know how i feel about jumpsuits. i saw the sonia rykiel one(s) and just couldn't resist.

    resort 2010: where happiness lies.