my type of resort

at our dinner date, brandon and i were talking about how, as bloggers, we don't have much interest in posting tons and tons of resort collections. style.com is available to everyone; you don't need to see each collection re-posted here.

UNLESS, of course, we're discussing the love of my life, ysl (or, in this case, his protege, the lovely stefano pilati). fall, i wasn't that in love with...it was super black, super basic, and didn't do much to pull me out of the recession blues. but with resort, ysl has done goooooooood. i mean, beyond good...the whole collection oozes unbelievable charm, character, and impeccable style. i absolutely love all of his layering...the footless tights under the slouchy/harem-y pants, the structured blazers, the artful and intelligent experimentation with proportions...it's ridiculous. amazing and perfect and the stuff dreams are made of.

when it comes to my own personal style, i am someone who completely adores edgy, high fashion to no end. but, although i generally fall in love with one trend per season (09-10: the harem), my style tends more towards classicism, infused with a youthful edge. i'm always so drawn to ysl, not just because i'm obsessed with everything yves saint laurent was as an individual, but because i feel like that's continually what this parisian institution accomplishes in its collections. when it comes to pieces like blazers and pants, ysl has always effortlessly iconocized the basics, while kicking them up a notch by skewing the proportions, adding an insane shoe, ornamenting the face noir style.

ysl wanted women to feel beautiful. that was the thrust of his desire to design clothing, and i believe that he achieved it honestly, articulately, and sensationally with everything he created. when i see the photos of this collection i get so excited, because it's inundated with looks i want to create for myself. i feel terribly sexy just looking at it all. what he did, what stefano does now...this is precisely what excites me about fashion, making me want to give my life and passionate soul to this art form with everything i do. dramatic? whatever. it's ysl. he's a goddamn freaking genius.

and also, you'll forgive the severe amount of photos, i'm sure. look on and love, pretties.

*all amazing, stunning, superbly perfect photos taken from style.com


  1. bless you for even making it to the end of such an insanely long post. and then for saying it's me...medals, you deserve big, huge, gold medals (that we would hang on our walls, duh).