i've hit 100 posts! i just realized this as i signed on to do a verrrrry belated post. i don't even know what i've been doing that's kept me from blogging recently. our internet has been a big, old bitch, and that, on top of being generally busy (doing what?! honestly.) has kept me from posting with the regularity i usually enjoy. also, i won't lie, haven't been crazy inspired recently...i don't know what it is. i'm going to read more, and hit up the new modern wing of the chicago art institute this week to help avert some of that. but, i'm here!

brandon and i had a blogger meet-up last night over burgers and pinot, and it was lovely...especially the part where we decided to take street style photos of ourselves in front of the crazy facade of the restaurant at which we were dining...hamburger mary's. a really kitchsy restaurant that specializes in gay bingo and karaoke. they also present your bill in a sparkly high heel (no loubis, so sorry), and they made fun of us when we ordered wine. overall, a perfect evening...as soon as brandon emails me photos, blogger meet-up @ hamburger mary's will be posted in all of its magical glory.

i discovered these photographs taken by claudia grassl on wildfox and FINALLY found something inspiring...namely, this first picture, but i love the ethereal quality of the following photos. they're all slightly different in tone, some being more aggressive than others, and more straight forward (the first shot...i need those glasses), but she's really good at capturing emotion, capturing slight little stories that give the photo that much more of an edge. enjoy, amors.


  1. where are the pics at Hamburger Mary's?

  2. i need to harass brandon for them! i, the bad fashion blogger that i am, forgot i had my camera. luckily, hers is always glued to her hand.

    am watching the first episode of proj run season 2 right now...oh hi, thanks life.

  3. oops, guess I better get on that! They'll be on their way soon, I promise you!!

  4. update: they HAVE been received, and will be posted shortly. just let me live in my monde de resort a little while longer...