best friends / best fashion

let's be real here. the best thing about your best friend being interested in what you love is that they find stuff you never could. and then they send it to you so that you can post it on your blog, and the whole world instantly becomes a better place. kate just sent this to me, and i was absolutely floored. it's the site for a designer named sally scott, who i've never heard of it, and not only are the images and styling insane, but her catalogue is actually comprised of stills taken from videos featuring the model wearing the clothes. how brilliant! not only are we viewing these fabulous clothes, but then we get to see the whole shoot in motion, as well. totally feeds my love of high fashion in everyday situations, as well as an ever-present desire to see fashion presented in new and interesting ways.

scott's styling is a joy, her pieces infused with the french insousiance that makes parisian chic so utterly whimsical and carefree. mixing patterns and textures, her collections are highlighted overall by a smattering of bright colors and a definite attention to layering, both contributing to the creation of entire ensembles which are geniusly unique.

from her ss/09 collection: