summer soundtrack: rolling stones

thanks to kate, i've fallen deeply in love with the rolling stones. i think every summer needs a soundtrack, and this year, they're definitely mine. listening to them makes me feel so sexy, their deep, throaty voices, screaming melodies...they're the definitive epitome of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll. so freaking sexy.

this editorial is totally evocative...stark, brazen, mocking, witty -- just like the stones. it's delightfully fitting that it's named after one of my favorite rolling stones songs (remixes of which kate and i used to listen to on repeat for hours). at the very least, you all know i love to paint it black.

a piece of paper beside the bed

and now, for some tunes:

and my absolute favorite rolling stones song of all time:

that is, without a doubt, the sexiest song ever.

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