home is where the heart is

good style doesn't just happen on the body. as i've iterated before, it's an entire lifestyle, and it infiltrates all you do. one of my favorite things is a comfortable home environment. i love being home, i love feeling cozy in my home, and i love, after having been gone while, or even just away at a long night at work, having a home that i'm so glad to see at the end of the day. my college and subsequent post-grad year were very much characterized by a starving artist sort of regime. although my home has always been very lovely and comfortable, it's never been decorated in the way i'd like it to be. i think that, as a guest, you should be able to walk into someone's home and have an immediate sense of who they are and what they love. a good home should be just as much a reflection of your style and lifestyle as what you wear.

now that erin's moving in, we're awash with grand plans of redecoration, and infusing our equally quirky styles into our abode. i've been looking through blogs to find inspiration, and i've found some really lovely images and displays of brilliantly creative style.

i'd love to have this aerin lauder's boudoir. but wouldn't we all?

editor polly mellen's bathroom, decorated with "love" posters designed by yves saint laurent. aka: my dream bathroom.

MAGAZINES! i will never throw mine away. i will make a library of them, and my future husband will love me for it. and then he'll bring me black coffee as as i lay on chaise lounge and peruse them every morning.

this reminds me of kate's room...bless her and endless collection of baubles.

shoes on the floor...looks exactly like my bedroom. a girl should always know her options.

i love stacks of books everywhere. my roommates "love" the piles of magazines that litter my living room, and kitchen, and every open, flat space in existence. i can't help it...i love being surrounded by the clutter of things i love.

organized clutter feels so lovely and comforting to me.

i love this wallpaper. it reminds me of the sponge painting that my mom used to do on the walls when i was kid.

all images taken from the lovely moodboard


  1. Well...of course I have a comment!
    A)I want to be aerin lauder. If I start spelling my name with an "a" in front would you hold it against me?

    B)I totally agree with you, home style is as important as personal style. When you are an aesthetically oriented person, it all matters.

    C)I was imagining how we could organize our magazines on my trip back from the burbs today. Organized clutter is faboosh, and my bookshelf is the perfect bookshelf to do it with.

    D) I want to make some sort of wicked photo collage on the walk way into the main living area of our apartment...in fact, I want to plaster the walls with fabulous imagery.

    The end. This may be my longest comment ever. LOVE everything you posted here, all is divine and I will not be disappointed if our house looks like any of these things. I can't wait to hang up that fabulous mirror!!! AHHH

  2. mmm love this bizatchbarb. love love any and all shout outs.

    MISSING YOU tomorrow! what will i do with my tuesday!?!


  3. a) never, ever. i'll call you aerin, if you call me yvesamanda.

    i love how you daydream about styling our magazines. i'd love to do some really awesome color blocking with books/magazines/photo collages. i'd also like to buy some canvases and play around with painting. i can't do most visual art to save my life, which i think would be the magic of it.

    we should totes have a night where we scour our magazines for insane editorials/images...fash apt, bitches!

  4. barbsy, as the inspiration for the whole of my existence, the shout outs are basically never ending. ie: 10 minutes ago.

    i can't even handle that the finale is happening tomorrow and that we're on different sides of the country! UGH. i'm requiring that you send me $$updates$$ every five seconds between the hours of 9-11. if you don't, i'll steal your leopard shoes and pour regular coke and cats cookies all over them.

    i love that $$$$ is the new xoxo -- misssssssssssssssing you, babybarbsyloverfaaaaaaaaaaaaace!