twitter twatter, onto the bandwagon i jumped

after discussing the marketing merits of twitter with someone yesterday, i fiiiiiinally decided to jump on the twitter wagon. because, although it totally freaks me out as an activity for any normal "just livin' my life" individual (who wants everyone in the world to know that they just picked up sushi at whole foods, and that they're now going to eat it...?), it's a great way to market yourself, and to meet people in the market. so we'll see how it goes...

anyhow, now YOU, loyal reader, can follow sassafras on twitter! http://twitter.com/sassafraschic

i've been doing a lot of mini posts recently with quirky things that have caught my eye, so now it's time to inundate you with images. found these on fashion copious, they're from designer phoebe philo's (former fashion director of chloe) 2010 resort collection for celine, and they're pretty sensational.

although i love edge, i tend towards a simpler style with an infusion of edgy elements, which is why i love this collection so much. it's so chic and has such clean lines, yet there are those subtle movements of fabric or a shift in proportion which give it an edgier, more fashiony quality. i think this collection is brilliant, and presented so well with a dead-pan model and full-frontal photography. purely the clothes, and simply to die for.

to see more of phoebe's collection, check it out here on fashion copious...and don't forget to twitter!


  1. LOVE THIS. Phoebe Philo. Yes please. Number 2 is to die for.

  2. isn't #2 unreal????? that belting is complete perfection...i also really die for the shorts in the second to last shot. phoebe philo, thank you for your beautiful mind.

    love, kiki and man man