coutureeeeee is hereeeeeee

dior is the only couture show that's been posted thus far, and i'm so excited to see what else designers have come up with for couture this year. i'm longing for something new, and crazy, and conceptual, and i'm bored with looking through editorials to get it.

i love how raw and sexed up the whole collection is...the thigh highs and exposed bustiers, smoldering eyes and deep red lips. it's like russian film noir, the models as dangerous, ruthless femme fatales, seducing everything in their path with their couture poses and sultry movements. chanel iman's look is my favorite, along with heloise guerin in the red dress with the feathered hat and exposed lace slip. you can feel the seduction emanating from the photograph.

couture collections tell such fantastical stories. it would be kind of fun to pull an "across the universe" (a musical whose story was told through beatles songs, for those who didn't see the film) couture style, writing short stories based on my favorite collections, dressing all my characters in haute couture. what a world that's created by fashion. i do love it so.


  1. Fab blog! I'm in love with all the photos you posted. I can't even pick favorites here.
    And your idea for the musical couture film could work! You should totally write a screenplay or something. You never know what may happen. ;)

  2. thanks so much for your sweet comments!

    i was JUST discussing a short story concept with a fiction writer friend of mine...we now have great visions of grandeur of writing many short stories chronicling the life and times of a fabulous lady, told through couture collections.

    but a screenplay...that could be kind of amazing...

  3. Omg, Dior Couture is my fave every year. He pushes the limits in such a sassy yet alluring way.

  4. I totally died over this too, per usual! Gaultier was great too, pretty out there but at the same time very "right now." What did you think of Christian Lacroix's stuff? It might have been my fave.