the edge of love

i love the romance of artfully styled costume design. having a theatre background, i respond strongly to the importance of clothing/costuming and love when i can see a designer's passion and inspiration for the period. the vintage costuming (especially when you have such lovely subjects as sienna miller and keira knightley) for the edge of love (2008) is so lovely and so free...i love these photos. there's something so utterly glamourous about the way they're dressed...so casual, yet so chic and so put together.

i adore their '40s wavy hair and wellie/sock combinations. their fedoras are freaking adorable.

images via the thinking tank


  1. silly goose! that is sienna miller not Kir D! and they are beaaaauuuuutiful!! like you.

    see you soooooooooooooon $$$


  2. oh my god!! you're so right! changing it right now!

    i blame the bloody marys.

  3. wow I love the images. I remember seeing one of the images ages ago and never found out what the film was till now! It reminds me of Atonement.

  4. doesn't it a little bit? perhaps even the notebook? both movies that totally romanticize '40s style. so glad you love the images!