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i saw this this morning and am so freaking excited i cannot hardly stand it. ysl (and pierre) had one of the largest privately-owned collections of art to date, much of which was recently auctioned off earlier this year. yves' attention to and deep love for art, next to his love of literatre (proust, especially) was one of his greatest influences. an influence deeply reflected in his collections, visual aesthetic, and in the way he decorated the many abodes he kept throughout his lifetime. this book will be unbelievable, and i'm counting down the moments until it will be beautifully displayed on my coffee table.

"Those with the most discerning of tastes, will undoubtedly find this tome to be one of the most remarkable documents ever published on Yves Saint Laurent’s private realm.

Pierre Bergé was Yves St Laurent’s lifelong business partner, friend and former lover who collaborated on this lavish volume, which provides a glimpse of the exotic and breathtaking interiors of the worldwide homes they shared and what they collected.

Yves Saint Laurent was more than a designer of clothing – he was, for many, one of the great style arbiters of the twentieth century. His talent made him the youngest and brightest star in the firmament of fashion, first with Christian Dior, who chose him as his successor, and later in his own right as the shy but daring creator of the modern woman’s wardrobe.

His private life was the subject of constant public fascination, and the homes that he shared with Bergé were extraordinary private cocoons of taste and style. Ivan Terestchenko’s photographs – taken after Yves Saint Laurent’s death in 2008 – capture these exquisite surroundings and cultured luxury for the last time.

Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé amassed an exceptional collection of furniture and paintings over some forty years. It included important works by Picasso, Matisse and Mondrian, Old Master paintings by Goya, Ingres and Géricault, and masterpieces of furniture, sculpture and silver from the Renaissance to Art Deco.

Not a single piece from the collection was sold until the year following Saint Laurent’s death. A historic sale by auction at the Grand Palais in Paris became the stuff of legend months before it even took place.

Beyond the legendary rue Babylone apartment in Paris, the book also chronicles those seven other homes of St Laurent and Berge including the lush Villa Majorelle in Marrakech. Even the most dedicated minimalist will have to bow in respect to the unerring erudition of taste displayed in this seductive parade of nineteenth-century French décor, important paintings by modern and Romantic artists, and masterpieces of furniture, sculpture, and silver ranging from the Renaissance to the Art Deco era. A worthy addition to any aesthete’s library." - Thames and Hudson

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