child stars are generally cursed. the cute grow up ugly, the once talented disappear forever, resurfacing only when e! does that terrible "top 100 child stars," hosted by candace cameron and that girl from the cosby show, which is always so awkward and unfortunate that it makes me want to die a little.

but you shan't see miss emma watson galavanting with the likes of fallen child stars. that girl is fierce. not only has she transitioned seamlessly from child star to respected actor, but she has become an unbelievable style icon. i won't lie, i'm also feeling quite drawn to her as i'm reading the harry potter series for the first time (on book 4!), but there's no doubt that that british belle has become a serious fash lady.

july teen vogue editorial. way to go, teen vogue...seriously. the styling, the colors, the punk infused victorian aesthetic...i think it looks amazing. i LOVE the last two, with her in the pink tulle dress, and walking the dogs in that fierce blue creation. quite lovely, all of it.

behind-the-scenes photos from the burberry fall campaign shoot


  1. Oh my god. I was just about to send this to you. Did you see when your Uncle Karl photographed her for Crash Magazine in the UK? (quick google search results: http://stylefrizz.com/200903/emma-watson-by-karl-lagerfeld-for-crash-magazine/) YOU WILL DIE.

  2. oh shut UP. karl motherfucking lagerfeld is a genius, and i really don't think i could ever say that enough. this is brilliant, and will be posted immediately.

    you are a master of magic, my love, what would i ever ever do without you?