i don't usually write about makeup, not because i don't love it, but because my makeup rarely changes from day-to-evening. i love product, but i don't have scads of it, mostly because i'm just kind of lazy and like to get ready as quickly as possible...short hair, lots of mascara...GO!

but when i saw this photo, and then saw that it was the campaign for a new unisex make-up line, illamasqua, i was instantly intrigued.

illamasqua was conceived by british makeup artist alex box, who wanted to explore a darker, slightly gothic approach to makeup, allowing people to discover and create their alter egos. the gothic (i always tread with caution when using this word, especially as i get questioned often about whether or not i'm "goth" simply because i sport black hair and naturally pale skin. it drives me fucking crazy) inspiration totally erupted when ysl debuted noir lips and hair last february, and really meshes with a universal need for change that's definitely a current permeating mentality.

ysl hair/makeup, rtw fw 08/09

their collections include: noir, 1920s berlin, siren, fantasy, romance, porcelain doll, and neon jewels. there's no doubt that it's entirely costumey and definitely on the more avant-garde side, but it's so refreshing to see new concepts come to fruition.

who doesn't want to transform into an alter ego every once in a while?


  1. oh. dramatic dark eyes are something i live for. personally, i'd rather see any/everyone in dramatic obvious makeup than the natural look. dramatic eyes and lips and nails are just perfect.

  2. let's rule the world, and make everyone wear only costume make-up. i'm thinking black lips with gold centers and magenta eyes every day of the week. you down?

  3. down. only if we can pair all of this with teal mascara on the top of our lashes.

  4. well, of course...i wouldn't accept anything different.