illustrative style

my ever-well-connected friends friends at twentythirtyforty.net have done it again and introduced me to someone sensational. for their friends on fashion column this month, they've joined forces with british fashion writer and illustrator, baduade, who has drawn some lovely illustrations about depicting and discussing european fashion. i shan't spoil it all, because it's wonderful, so you must continue checking back to see it! it should be posted within the week.

i was searching through her blog as i was writing some copy for the column, and was so enthralled with her completely unique perspective on fashion, art, food, herself, culture. fashion is so visual, so it's wonderful to see someone combine illustration with words to present witty, fresh commentary on style. here are a few of my favorites:

the artist, herself. joanna walsh of badaude.

a christmas card commission...isn't this wonderful? i'd buy scads.

(click to enlarge images, for easier reading)

i love the creative mind.

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  1. OMG, The holiday one, perfection. That is so on the money. Love this. Is she on etsy?