style in the city

my roommate erin is all about outing me. so much so, in fact, that she often takes pictures of me at home and then makes me swear to post them. so finally, i'm consenting. BUT, not without taking two dear friends of mine down with me.

think of this not as a street style post, but more of an homage to style as a lifestyle. to me, style is not just what you're wearing, although that's certainly part of it, but it's also what you do, how you spend your time, your home, the every little thing that makes up who you are and how you live your life. style is a sense of self.

me at my casa. you can't see the magnificence of our view too well here, but we're 22 stories up, facing lake michigan and downtown chicago. it's a dream.

my best friend, barb. i love this photo of her...living in rome, with her beautiful blonde hair, wayfarers, and perfect little headband. if you saw her apartment (and scads of jewelry) you'd die for the amount of stylish perfection she's encapsulated within four walls. for my every vulgarity, barb exhibits 10x the class. if you knew the extent of my vulgarity, you'd understand...she's the classiest lady i know.

my tres adorable roommate, and fellow dark-haired lady queen, erin. there she is, singing her songs on an indie radio show in that fabulous vintage jumpsuit of hers. a true lady...part bohemian/part hamptons, she lives for the finer things and reminds me that every lady deserves them, each and every day.

style in the city, baby. it's how we do.

**EDIT: i know some of the pictures aren't showing up on people's computers -- this is in the process of getting fixed...bare with me, lovies, this will be remedied soon!**


  1. The goal of this was to out you...yet I do not see your picture on this page m'dear!

  2. hmm it doesn't seem like the 1st picture is up ... :-/

  3. i die for you. you are perfect. barbs are perrrrrfect. $$$$$$$