triumph of the last emporer

black and lace and ruffles, oh my!

i know that valentino isn't designing anymore (it always makes me sad when a house's namesake steps down...i mean, i still discuss current ysl as if ysl is still the mastermind behind all that magic), but, despite the critics' less than glowing reviews, i really think that pier paolo piccioli and maria grazia chiuri did a wonderful job. i think this collection is stunning, especially the show's closing gowns.

there's something so "masquerade" about the collection. the overdone lace, incredible texture -- i love the scalloping, the tiers of ruffles --everything is so rich and decadent, like a highly involved piece of chocolate cake. and those shoes! oh, the shoes. gold satin with enormous black bows adorning the heels...i could live in those shoes forever. when prada reinvented lace, i was a little hesitant, finding the whole look a bit aged and dowdy. yet there's a delightful youthfulness to piccioli and chirui's designs...frivolity in the shorter dresses, and unbelievable elegance in the longer gowns. i love that, and am drawn to their attention to the material.

all and all, reviews be damned, everything needs to be shaken up a bit.


  1. Valentino stepping down makes me sad too :-/

    great dresses!!


  2. i was so pleased with what his accessory designers did! i thought the collection was lovely, so pretty to look at.

    at least valentino stepped down with a bang...i mean, that movie was unreal. i HOPE you saw it! if not, you must...you'll die.

  3. I did like how they made a conscious step away from the Valentino flowers and bows and red, red, red.... the collection definitely feels like there's a new identity. But just a couple of colors wouldn't hurt! It's Valentino, after all, right?

  4. You are right, so very masquerade. I am in love with the sparkly silver tunic dress, it is so glamorous, yet so wearable too.