dreaming of the runway

lifetime announced on the 11th that they're going to ease the seemingly unbearable transition of project runway from bravo to lifetime by opening the season with a "project runway: all star challenge," featuring the best of the best from previous seasons working their fash magic in a 2 hour challenge. i'm a bit of a project runway fantatic (i cried when leann won last year, and continue to cry whenever i see the finale rerun), and was even more beside myself when i saw who the contestants are. they're totally some of my all time faves, and i can't wait to see them compete against one another. the contestants are, as follows:

daniel vosovic, season 2

santino rice, season 2

jeffrey sebelia, season 3

uli herzner, season 3

michael knight, season 3

chris march, season 4

sweet p, season 4

korto momolu, season 5

i'll be honest here...i'm kind of rooting for uli. it's probably in part due to the fact that i'm currently rewatching season 3, but i think she's a wonderful designer, with a point-of-view that's so timeless yet so contemporary. let's not forget the fact that she's the most charming little german you ever did see...next to ms. klum, of course. i love daniel vosovic, too, and have always wanted to make him straight and have him fall in love with me, but i feel like he got sliiiiiightly cocky, and i didn't love that. sweet p? fo shiz? maybe christian wouldn't do it or something, but sweet p doesn't stand out to me at all, except for her made-up nickname. i think everyone else is perfectly legit.

who do you think is missing? who would you like to win out of the participating designers?


  1. OMG...DYING! Obvi all my love goes to Santino, but Santino and Jeffrey competing is like a dream. When does this happen, can we watch with popcorn? SOOOO EXCITED!

  2. Where is Allison? Mini-mouse recylables challenge sent her home, but she was so sweet and whimsy. I wish she would be on.

  3. one of proj run's biggest mistakes EVER was not sending vincent home that day. she was robbed, devastatingly.

    thurrrsssaday dreaaaams come true!

  4. Oh, poor Allison. They definitely should've brought her back. I, however, will be pulling for Michael. it is seriously time for him to redeem himself from that God-awful "urban safari" nightmare. Blecchh.

  5. too bad he didn't...michael and his faux-hipster attire and baby phat-esque collections sparked a huge fight our project runway party tonight. i LOVED uli's collection and thought she was robbed. danny v made me want to throw up...his cocky attitude did NOT match his jersey.

    can you tell i have strong opinions?!