rodarte for target

i'm baaaaack! i apologize for the brief hiatus...my trip home was wonderful, the wedding was to die for, and the relaxation was a dream. i think i looked at my computer but just a few times. so, i may know little of what's going on in the world, but i'm rested and way ready to jump back in the swing of things.

a perfect beginning to that is undoubtedly these newly released photos of the rodarte for target line. you cannot tell me for a hot damn second that you won't be planning to wait in line for as long as it takes (or in whatever weather conditions...it's a chilly december 20th release, folks) to score what i project to be one of the most fabulous target diffusion lines to date. the mulleavy's are veritable geniuses...i expect this line will be nothing less.

do you diiiiiie?!

speaking of die-ing...proj run premieres THIS THURSDAY, rachel zoe premieres next week, and thank you sweet jesus for beginning the delivery of all my fall fashion magazines. fuck back to school. fall fashion is beginning.

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