the september issue

i love fall. i love it more than any other season, and if my life was fated to be stuck in some sort of groundhog day-esque rotation, i'd love for it to be the september issue. over and over and over again. fortunately, our lives need not be at stake for such a terrible fate because "the september issue" hits theatres quite soon, after having premiered tonight in nyc at MoMA. two more clips have been released today, and frankly, i'm excited for the excruciating levels of brutal honesty the film seems to explore. we all know that photoshopping and other sorts of digital corruption occur when it comes to putting together a magazine editorial, and i find it exceedingly refreshing that anna wintour is willing to admit these realities and henceforth share such processes with the general public. i'm all about fakin' it till you make it. just be willing to own the fallacies once they come to the surface.

check out these clips...i could watch anna wintour everyday of my life. so fascinated by this powerful, shades-eternally-drawn, bobbed woman.

please tell me you're all planning your project runway parties...erin (and i, only because...gasp, i was able to get it off work. i about died when i realized my mistake) has planned a brilliant appetizer menu for ours, and i'll provide the things i do best: salad in a bag from trader joe's, hummus, and a year's worth of red wine. it will be spectacular. i'm excited to engage in elaborate post-show discussions. and don't worry, i've already called my mother, lori, tonight to alert her of the event, and she'll be calling my grandmother asap in the morning. we take project runway very seriously in my family.

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