it's a fashionable day

i absolutely love this shoot -- everyday fashion, sept elle 2009. reminds me of the harem pant outfit i donned to do laundry tonight. i hate saving outfits for "occasions." what if you die before said occassion occurs? i think that every occasion is the occasion for the most fabulous outfit you own. i very rarely let anything stay on the hanger for less than an hour after i've purchased it.

project runway: i'll post more when photos are available...but, i'm pretty sure they were all smoking out of the same crack pipe tonight. i LOVED uli's collection, hated danny v's collection (as well as his enhanced cockiness) and would have much rather the top four and bottom four been switched around -- aside from chris march. i did like what he did, and was quite endeared by his genuine happiness with being a part of the top four. as far as the premiere went...i'm elated to have the show back, and can't even imagine a season of project runway being boring, or sub-par...although i think we can all agree that seasons 2 and 3 will eternally give everyone a run for their money. don't love the la factor, but i do love the commercials for lifetime movies, as lifetime movies are hilarious and awesome for saturday marathons when you're completely hung over.

what did you love/hate about the all stars and/or the premiere?

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  1. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who hated Dan V's "winning" design. Even my mother turned to me while watching and was like, "What is that? Why is that winning?"