getting tatted

hellllllllo lovers. i've been quite an awful blogger lately...working a lot, preparing for the wedding, gearing up for school. blah blah blah, my usual apologetic excuses.

exciting news! new article for the chicago flame is up, "chords and clothes." check it out, let me know what you think.

also...got another tat! last night, completely on a whim (although i've been planning this one out for quite awhile, like i said previously this week) i dragged kate and erin to chicago tattooing and piercing co. post-all-you-can-eat sushi and the perfect amount of drinks, and i gottttt it. my artist was a guest artist from florida named jeremy, and he was completely wonderful, and i might have fallen in love with him a bit. i should have taken a picture with him, but we've discussed my inability to remember to take pictures in the moment. a memory he shall be. anyway...i love it, he did a perfect job, and it's even better than i imagined.

that's the inside of the tattoo, where it curves in a bit. excuse the awkward angles and swollen fingers...it's freaking hot in chicago today (thanks a lot, everyone who's been complaining about our perfect 73 degree summer).

now i'm off to get my hair cut! a revolutionizing weekend indeed...totally needed to revamp a bit, make things feel fresh again. i find that a little bit of change every once in a while is inherent to my mental sanity...style and otherwise. stagnation is good for no one.

i'll leave you with a little pre-going out photo shoot erin and i did before last night. nothing like standing beautifully in front of a gilded mirror with a vodka tonic.

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  1. Ah! Darling, I LOVE it! I've gotten two of my tattoos done at the Chicago Tattooing Co. Loves them, they do such a wonderful job.

  2. ah! i wish i could have been a part of the photo shoot as well! another drink.. another time, dear barbsy..