mamie gummer

i adore mamie gummer, as well as her brilliantly perfect mother, meryl streep. i am also a francophile. thus, these two worlds collided when i discovered that ms. gummer is the face of french designer gerard darel's fall campaign. shot by dream team mert alas and marcus piggot, it's beautiful to look at, and infused with gummer's free-spirited effervescence. i really love how individualized the campaign is -- not influenced by the overbearing seriousness of typical ad campaigns, overly serious and edgy to the extreme. don't get me wrong, i love that, and am infinitely attracted to all things hardened, but it's nice to see parisian chic exude such a lightness, in what i see as a true embodiment of the spirit of the individual they've chosen as the face of their campaign.

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  1. omgosh...she's beautiful! LOVE Meryl! Of course she'd have a gorgeous daughter. Did you see Julie& Julia yet??