it's september

i absolutely love this poster, and can't wait to see the film when it wide releases on sept 11. apparently la wintour stood in line with the rest of the commonfolk during its ny premiere in this adorable little 'fit:

what a fierce, unyielding personality packed into such a spritely little figure.

...although, i'm starting to develop an increasing beef with us vogue. after perusing the sept vogue italia covers, and then perusing vogue uk at barnes and noble this afternoon (which has free wi-fi now...score!), i'm just so disappointed with the stagnant, non-conceptual, aged aesthetic that has become us vogue. anna wintour is such a brilliant mind, and her eye for design and fashion is truly impeccable...yet us vogue just doesn't seem to be moving forward. not in its layout, not in its editorials, and, for the love of god, not with its covers. i'm so tired of these celebrity beauty shots that continually grace each cover...and i don't think that it's just me being a 20-something, wanting some edge. i want fashion! i want models, and designers, and beautiful, styled coverage of fashion's key players. not jennifer aniston, not charlize theron. i'll, of course, always love vogue. it's vogue. it's the visual and literary staple of every ardent fashion lover, and it's an unwavering and legendary institution. i just wish that anna wintour would transfer some of the brilliant energy she's put into "the september issue," and her collaboration with fashion's night out into keeping vogue us fresh, exciting and new.

agree? disagree? let's start a revolution.


  1. Hi Lovely!!! I wholeheartedly agree and we are attempting our own little tiny revolution over at twentythirtyforty.net ;-). Missing you!! Blog looks fantastic -- so much to read and comment on, I don't really know where to start! Let's meet soon!!!!!! XOXOX.

  2. i miss YOU! it's been too long, and it's ridiculous...i start saic this week, but i am demanding (lovingly!) a date for next week, please? xoxoxoxoxoxo always always.