ABC's and 123's: Updated fall basics that won't break your budget

Now that August is over and I can smell the change in the wind whipping off Lake Michigan, I have begun to take stock of my fall wardrobe. Weighing what I will keep, what I will donate, and what I will archive (i.e. my bias cut, diagonal hem, geo-print skirt circa 2002 that I know will see another fash moment) is serious business.

This year, my basics need a major over-haul. As shapes have changed over the past 3 years I find myself in dire need of new tees, trousers, tights, oxfords, and skirts and as always, I'm working on a budget.

My first stop for great basics is always American Apparel. The lauded, vertically integrated hipster organization sells A-mazing cotton that wears better than almost any I've bought. I have lived in an egglplant Interlock High-Waist Skirt for the past 4 years and am only now putting it to rest. This year I'm going for a 3 pack of Opaque Tights for $33.00 (love the Mustard, a perfect addition to your autumnal color palet.), a slate California Fleece Tulip skirt for $32.00, and a white, men's Pinpoint Oxford to achieve the ever popular "boyfriend fit" for $54.00. The cost-per-wear break down on these staples is phenom and you can always find your favorite styles.

Next, I'm heading to J. Crew, where I am falling hard for theses khaki, cropped chinos in pebble for $49.50.
Finally, the piece de resistance! At Urban Outfitters, when I tried on the Silence + Noise Open Front Blazer, it was all I could do to take it off and pay the $78 bones it cost to own such loveliness. With the perfect boyfriend fit, it is a forward updated to a timeless classic and I couldn't love it more! (See pic at beginning of post)

At a grand total of $246.50, I will be well into my fall wardrobe update with great classics that will no doubt pay for themselves!


  1. i love american apparel too and i wear tons of it. i tend to buy the black versions of the styles i like. do you have any suggestions for keeping them looking nice over time?

  2. my best suggestion for keeping things looking fresh is to always air/line dry. it never hurts to air dry, and unless it's my gym clothes, i really don't put any of my things in the dryer. washing things inside out helps, too.

    thanks for the comment...happy washing, chica!