Thigh High!

Though I detest her attitude, I couldn't stop staring at Taylor Jacobson's thigh high Louboutins on last Monday's episode of Rachel Zoe. Clearly they've been on my mind as I'm here posting about them a week later. Thigh highs that were once reserved for trannies and ladies of the night have become a signature piece for rock n' roll fashion mavens this autumn.

Taylor has her Louboutin's on tous les jours lately pairing them with her grunge chic plaids, leather bombers, black wayfarers. She is the epitome of L.A. fashion and the thigh highs are a welcome, and sexy addition to her wardrobe. She may be a bitch, but at least the thigh highs are gaining her some sex appeal.

Last year Victoria Beckham created quite the buzz in custom Antonio Berardi PVC thigh highs sans a heel. Just walking in them must have been an acrobatic feat, but you have to appreciate a woman who is willing to suffer for fashion. And just look at the edge it lends her and Becks on the red carpet.

Ole Madge does the thigh highs to perfection if you ask me. In Stella McCartney boots and dripping in chains (one of my signature accessory moments).
Kate Moss, the queen of British Rock fashion and all the is wonderful about models does it with jeans. I die for her coolness.

Finally, if I had the gams to rock some thigh high boots, these are what I would choose. Stella McCartney's wedged take on the look is too good to be true in my mind.

Alright loves, off to Michigan for a weekend of relaxing on a boat!


  1. I love them!!

    Enjoy your long weekend! :)

  2. aren't they wonderful?!

    thank you, my love! it was brilliantly and inspiringly relaxing...i hope you had a lovely labor day!