summer lovin

one of my current life goals at the moment is to be better about taking pictures. i used to take photos constantly but my camera was broken for a while and so i got out of the habit and now i have it back and am trying to do a better job of catching moments on film. it's easy to search for images on the web and to compile them in a post, but it's a much different thing when seeking that same inspiration in the world around you. for me, anyway.

sassafras isn't about me, it's about fashion and inspiration. but i always appreciate when the bloggers i follow post tidbits about their lives...it's nice to get to know the person behind the blog. i just thought i'd post a few photos i've taken recently...nothing brilliantly artistic, just the capturing of summer moments i've enjoyed.

4th of july bloodies/breakfast. the david bowie cup sans pickled and cheese garnishes is mine. homie likes hers straight up. and yes, that is grease playing in the background

trip to colorado! one of the vertiable highlights of the summer. we went to the continental divide and asked what turned out to be a very sour woman take our photo. there are 1000 photos of this trip that i'd like to post, but i'm going to restrain myself.

this is the first shot of the "wilderness couture" photo shoot that occurred by a waterfall in the mountains. jack and i would have been nothing without miranda's superb art direction.

the rocky mountains...so freaking beautiful, but, note: don't wear flip flops to the tundra. then you take photos like this:

we drove all the way up and then took about 3 photos, primarily because we'd feel like assholes if we didn't leave the car due to cold.

the new modern wing at the art institute! i took a few photos...i really loved this painting. the capturing of motion is exquisite, and the woman commands indisputable glamour and class.

no, i didn't fall in love with this piece because its creator's name is yves. we'll call that fate, a beautiful collision of worlds. this photo doesn't do the painting justice...it's a beautiful, textured, cerulean dream. i could bathe the world in this color, i love it so much.

my friend doug and i went to the taste of chicago and spent the entire day photographing terrible midwestern street style. i often made doug stand in front of people that we wanted to photograph to distract from our ulterior motives.

i really loved this woman's harem pants and wedges. definitely a midwest take on a faboo trend, but i thought her spunk was lovely. i tried to catch her from the front, but you get the idea.

endless date nights with kate. minimum required to have a brilliantly memorable time: nothing. preferred elements: red wine, bravo tv, rap music.

sushiiiiiiiiiiiii. this is from when miranda and i went at noon on a monday. that bottle of wine isn't a prop. isn't the presentation beautiful? it's from my favorite sushi place, kitchenette. best all-you-can eat in the world.

hookah bar! i'd never hookah-ed before last night, and found that guava hookah was lovely. we went to a place called habibi and they had like, 70 flavors, each prefaced with the descriptor, "exotic." exotic chocolate, exotic pineapple mango, exotic banana daquiri. exotic strawberry margarita is definitely on my list.

there's no time like summatime.

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