alexandra carr

i found this photo while surfing and was immediately struck (and yes, of course, because i fancy the features of her that mirror my own), and neeeeeeded to know where it came from. why, photographer alexandra carr, of course.

look on at the mastery of her beautiful photographs:

wildfox couture

who are your favorite fashion photographers? i'm always lusting for more...there could never be enough fashion photography in the world. never ever.


  1. lovely images, I particularly like the first one; very 60s.

  2. That 1st one does look so much like you. You betches and your amazing bone structure. I know this is such a cop out, but I love and will always love Annie Leibovitz. The composition of her photographs and the way the colors of her photographs are so saturated is beautiful to me.

  3. mmm...not a cop out at all. industry standards and favorites exist for a reason, and i think that ms. leibovitz consistently and relentlessly produces exquisite, striking imagery. a beautiful comment, kiks.

    and crimzonite...i just died for that first photo. it's what made me want to do the post in the first place. i fancy all things doe-eyed and reminiscent of the 60s. a perfect era indeed.