"the idea is something that's both scary and pretty," says ms. rowley. i just love that. especially since i love all things scary and not many things that are strictly pretty. i really like cynthia's collection for spring...flouncy, with personality and an edge, and lots of really palpable texture (from the photographs...obviously, texture is palpable).

i just adore the structure of these two dresses...they have shape and a concept, without being unwearable. i love when my clothes flit along as i walk.

i really love the mix of patterns in this outfit...it's very audrey hepburn gone...differently. and although the chosen hairstyle doesn't look great on every model, she pulls it off beautifully. i like the idea of a very prim hairstyle styled alongside a more obscure wardrobe. is she naughty, or nice? always a good question to pose.

all in all, adore all the colors...perhaps because they're all colors i would wear, but they really embrace the concept of spring while still calling to mind the darkness that is an obvious influence.

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