once i read the autiobiography of someone i like, i develop a slight obsession. it's what spurred my ysl craze, and although nothing has ever quite generated an emotional attachment on that same level, naturally, i do fall a bit more in love with artists and designers i've read more about. i just finished "diane: a signature life," dvf's autobiography, a few weeks ago, and i just freaking adore that woman. she is one of the most brilliant, classy, epic minds and individuals there is, and just as ysl was the guru of the late 60s-90s, dvf is one of the absolute hallmarks of this generation. it's why i get so excited to see what she's going to put out there each season. she's been doing it for so long, i just love to watch a person's mind evolve and develop, constantly creating anew and always infusing different perspectives into their work.

her collection this season is no exception. in the days of marc jacobs, the graffiti collection, and more witty approaches to fashion, dvf is right there with everyone else...creating new takes on her classic flowly dresses, with clever styling in armloads of neon bangles and feathered headpieces. the brilliant thing about her collection is that accomplishes what she's always been successful at: dressing every woman. whereas the 20-set would keep her dresses styled exactly how they appear on the runway, older women may keep the dress, but subtract the bangles and add a cardigan. some pretty magnificent stuff. look ahead for my favorite looks.

all images taken from style.com

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