fashion week

IT'S FASHION WEEK!!!!!!!! only one of my most favorite weeks in the entire year, and i can't wait to just live at my computer, a slave to style.com as the shows pour in. erin and i are going to do some fash coverage so hopefully things will be updated pretty regularly (although grad school + 2 jobs + 2 freelance writing gigs + training for a half-marathon is making this lady a bit crazy)...so far, not loving a ton from today, although vena cava is fabulous, as always. erin's going to blog that up lata, but i just wanted to post one photo in honor of the gloriousness that is faaaaaaaaaaaaashion weeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

also! the september issue is out on wide release now...so for all you non-new yorkers, go out and see the bob tell it like it is.

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