fashion's night out

BRUCE!!! honest to god...a top 5 reason why i would have loved to be there.

JILL ZARIN! oh my god. this picture just made me happier than that of the olsen's bartending at bergdorf's.

thanks to the cut for these truly sensational images. i would literally kill to have amy and jessica's job.


  1. Alright:
    1st-How did Nicki Hilton make it into these photos?

    2-Anna Wintours dress-love it


    4- The Trollsens look adorable. I love them.

  2. 1. she's different then her trashtastic sister...homegirl has some class, and it's always nice to see what the celebs are wearing.

    2. always and forever...she's infallible (despite any editing fallbacks she's been experiencing recently).

    3. D.I.E. she's perfect. the end.

    4. please don't ever call them the trollsens again. they're what dreams are made of.