stefano, i will be your bride

now, i have a bit of a problem. my problem is that, when it comes to ysl, i found it indescribably difficult to be truly critical. i love ysl, i love stefano pilati, and i love the aire of a fashion house that is one of the industry's most iconic institutions. that being said, i am going to put in a little extra effort here and try to present opinions on the ysl spring 2010 line that go beyond, "i live and breathe for it, it can do no wrong." as i was looking through the collection, i'll be honest in that i was constantly wavering between "love it" and "ehhhh, it's okay." there is a lot of white, which is quite different, and the collection definitely improved, for me, as it went on. for stefano pilati's ysl, the beauty is often in the details. so what may look more subdued is actually experimenting with tailoring, cut and shape. out of the entire collection, i want to own one of the uber-voluminous, draped and belted creations in every color (shown on the runway in polka-dot, forest green, and black). ysl started the menswear for womenswear revolution, and stefano has carried that into his designs one thousand fold, infusing more and more of the unisex appeal with which he is so enthralled. the pieces i love, i really love, and those i don't, i appreciate endlessly for the workmanship, love, and thought that goes into them. no matter what, i'll always bow down to ysl, it would just feel too wrong not to.

all photos taken from wwd.com

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