shopping your closet

i've always loved the concept of shopping my closet, but to be entirely honest, i've always loved the concept of just plain shopping even more. retail therapy is my true therapy of choice.

but, despite the fact that i spend 40 hours a week on michigan avenue, grad school has made shopping a near impossibility. that, combined with a heightened need for sleep that has left my coveted coffee/internet/outfit-styling ritual a thing of the past, i'm now faced with a need to instill a bit of creativity into a wardrobe that often seems tired, stale, and worn to death.

as the entire functionality of our lives moves to the internet, there's been an eruption of "how-to" beauty/styling videos posted by savvy individuals on youtube, to help people like me who are tired of their wardrobe, find creative and fun new ways to wear what they already have discotheque confusion posted a few on tuesday that are faaaabulous, and should definitely be checked out. she mentioned that fashion is supposed to be fun, and that that's often forgotten in lieu of looking good. i often fall into that trap, but this morning - as i was trying to suck down the only cup of coffee i had time for, while simultaneously talking to my mom, putting on eyeliner, and fixing my hair - it was kind of nice to throw on some pieces that i hadn't touched in a while: a cerulean short jacket with puffy, balmain-esque sleeves, over a black tunic, skinnies, black patent tux shoes, and a big old '80s-inspired pendant. comfy, and fun, my outfit gave me exactly the energy i needed to spice up the (still too busy) end of the week.

shop your closet! put a little creativity back in your life.

Sabrina Bacon from Stylelikeu.com from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

Sophie Moscatello from Stylelikeu.com from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

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  1. This is so you...I love the talking to your mom, eyeliner, and hairstyling... I've seen this happening.