elle brazil goes sequined

have i made it clear yet that i'm currently entranced by all things sequined? i just love it. they're so fun, so bright, so sassy. and in some regard, timeless. they always come back around. did i tell you guys about the sequined STEAL i found? i should shoot it and throw it up here - but i found a black, sequined catherine malandrino cocktail dress for $60 at a consignment store the other day that's to die for. it fits like a glove and is the perfect motivation to maintain the size i am, because i plan on popping that baby out at every possible occassion.

in the meantime, good job out of elle brazil for this fabulous, sequin-laden december 2009 shoot. do you love?

image source: tobacco and leather

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  1. I love sequins and studs, and anything shiny as well... love that blazer in the first pic! You should post a pic of your Malandrino dress!