i love lanvin a lot. i think alber elbaz is a genius, and i love how often tila swinton wears lanvin, because she's batshit crazy/awesome and i have a deep affection for everything she does. the editorial she did in W magazine (sept 2008) is my favorite editorial in the history of editorials.

but, lanvin. i love these ads - especially the menswear one. the waist-high trousers, skinny belt, open cuffs and tucked-in tie make for an unbelievable - and really sexy - look. so beautifully feminine, it's like ysl's menswear-for-women concept flipped on its head. sigh. thank you, once again, alber, for some of the most beautiful eye candy in the world.

image source: fashionologie

ps: just got this text from my love, alana: (513) i saw a dog taking a shit on the stoop of louis vuitton last night in soho. priceless


  1. Fabulous Lanvin. Love the last one, especially. Thanks for the Twitter follow and happy new year!

  2. thanks for commenting, lady! a very happy new year to you, too, and i hope you keep reading!