service me with these, please

these shoes are sensational. i want them, i need them - i am in love with them. they're part of an editorial in self service magazine, with anja rubik. as amazing as the rest of the editorial is, these shoes are really just perfection.

photographer: katja rahlwes

image source: culture and couture


  1. so stunning! did you see her spread for fendi by karl lagerfeld?

  2. The strawberry is such an awesome touch. Do you know which photographer took these?

  3. nicole leigh: no! i didn't, i don't think..do you have a link for it? ahhh, i <3 everything karl touches.

    matapult: i know, isn't that pop of color gorgeous? the photographer is Katja Rahlwes - thank you for reminding me to add that!

    xo loves..thanks for reading!