tattoo me some fashion

i love tattoos...especially ones that function like jewelry.

although it's not quite practical for me to keep getting tattoos, it's entirely practical (and freaking awesome) to tattoo myself chanel-style.

coming to a chanel boutique near you: chanel temporary tattoos. whaaaaaaaat! look at how gorgeous that necklace is! and sure, i'll stick a couple of jeweled c's on my arm for a while - why not?

at $75 a pop, you can tat yourself 55 times over. i can't wait! i'm going to go crazy.

image source: style list


  1. i love it! but then i'm hesitant! hmmm....i can't wait to see it on people! :)

  2. you can see it on me! don't be hesitant...karl always knows what's right.

  3. i love this amanda... the combo of the bird and the chain is graceful yet edgy (i'm sure there are more specific fashion words for this, but that's the best i got mamacita.)
    i also love when you go on a blogging spree and get out a ton of new stuff in a short while.
    hugs to you lovely.